What Would We Do Without Trails?

Mountain biking has helped us all get away, clear our heads, stay healthy, and enjoy time outdoors. We suspect every mountain biker has looked down a trail and appreciated it now more than ever.
Trail stewards and advocates also matter more than ever. Protecting and maintaining the trails we all enjoy is increasingly important as we’ve watched overflowing parking lots and crowded trail heads.
Good quality trails don’t magically appear, trails happen because BUMP, our dedicated members and volunteers make them happen.

Join or renew your BUMP membership in May through June and you will be entered to win one of the 10 amazing gift packages from IMBA!

If you are a current member and renew, your membership will extend an additional year from the end date.

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We want to thank our sponsors for putting together 10 amazing prize packages. Someone will be taking them home, it might as well be you!

Keeping Trails Fun

Are you going to be riding next year? The following year? The one after? Of course you will be! Your support now means that more and better trails will be there for you when you need them.

Keeping trails fun to ride takes effort, time and resources. BUMP depends on our club members and volunteers. We hold monthly Trail workdays in addition to our designated volunteers cleaning out fallen trees in between the workdays.

When you join BUMP, the majority of your membership dollars are distributed and applied directly to the local efforts through IMBA. Your voice drives national progress and your commitment helps new trails come to life where you live and ride. We would love for everyone who rides local trails that are maintained by BUMP to show your support and appreciation by joining and becoming a member. All it takes is $39/year or $5 per month.

Progress for trails is still happening, even now – be a part of our success.

Join or Renew Today

Spring 2020 Membership Drive; Trails Need Us All Today

Join or renew BUMP membership today and you will be entered to win one of the 16 amazing prize packages from IMBA provided by our amazing sponsors.

Good quality trails don’t magically appear, trails happen because our dedicated volunteers make them happen. Your support of BUMP is essential to continue our work of creating and enhancing more trails close to home.

We understand that there are many uncertainties with the economy right now; even chipping in as little as $5 a month can make a difference for our trails, or a yearly contribution of $39. Stepping up and being a great steward for your trails has an added benefit during our extended membership drive in May and June; you will be entered to win one of the 16 amazing prize packages.

Trails close to home are helping many of us get through this national crisis. More people than ever are realizing the physical and mental health benefits that trail experiences provide. Trails are critical infrastructure.

Official rules can be viewed here.

2020 Spring Membership Prize Sponsors


The International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA) creates, enhances and protects great places to ride mountain bikes. It is focused on creating more trails close to home to grow the quantity and quality of mountain bike trail communities across the U.S., so everyone has access to close-to-home rides and iconic backcountry experiences. Since 1988, IMBA has been the worldwide leader in mountain bike advocacy and the only organization focused entirely on trails and access for all types of mountain bikers in all parts of the U.S.

BUMP 2020 Questionnaire

We want to get to know our club members better and learn what you would like from the club. When you get 5 minutes to spare, please answer our 2020 Questionnaire. Help us to learn how to better serve you, our members, by answering 10 questions.

Link to the 2020 Questionnaire was sent to all current members by email on April 10, 2020. If you are a current club member but did not receive our email, please contact us and let us know. Questionnaire will close at the end of April.

Welcome March Members

Welcome our new club members who joined BUMP in March! Say hello when you see them on the trail – Jay Pigford and his family! Happy riding! 

We had 17 members join/renew in March. Thank you for your support that allows to maintain and improve Birmingham area trails! To join or renew your membership, visit IMBA website or to learn more about benefits of BUMP membership, click here.

Our club is only as strong as our membership. BUMP currently has over 210 members and we want to thank you, our members!

  • 10 Years or longer – we have 5 current members who have been with us for 10 years or more.
  • 9 Years – 12 members stuck with us for the last 9 years
  • 8 Years – 21 members
  • 7 years – 16 members
  • 6 years – 19 members
  • 5 years – 9 members
  • 4 years – 8 members
  • 3 years – 11 members
  • 2 years – 16 members
  • 1 year – 19 members
  • New members – 80 and growing!