Year End Review

For those that missed the Christmas Party, I wanted to give an update on the end of 2023.

Our Membership is still hovering just below 500 but I’m sure we’ll make it next year.

Financially we managed to make a couple thousand dollars while still completing a number of large projects.  Those projects include purchasing a timing system, resurfacing Bloodrock, resurfacing Lightning, and Rebuilding our Website.

We managed to put on the most profitable and most fun Bump N Grind that anyone I know can remember.  The success of the event was largely due to the 87 volunteers that put our 923 volunteer hours on that weekend.

Speaking of volunteers, our top volunteers for 2023 were:
Scott Pruitt, Eric Hagan, Michael Lee, Jeff Palmer, Ken Blackwood, Hunter Nobles, Fletcher Scott, Leo Henry, George Ford, and Freddie Delchamps.

Our 2024 Board will be:
Chase Draper, Will Abner, Reagan Pennock, Jacob Tubbs, Butch White, Scott Pruitt, and Freddie Delchamps

Notable additions to the 2024 event Calendar will be the Sorba Fall Conference/Fall Festival on Oct 4-5 and the return of the Oak Ass Epic on Nov 16.

Bump N Grind XXX will be June 7-9 and the Alz Bike a Thon will be Oct 19.

Thanks to everyone who donated or volunteered in 2023, you made it all possible.

We have several large opportunities coming our way next year, it is a great time to be a BUMP member.