Keeping Trails Fun

Are you going to be riding next year? The following year? The one after? Of course you will be! Your support now means that more and better trails will be there for you when you need them.

Keeping trails fun to ride takes effort, time and resources. BUMP depends on our club members and volunteers. We hold monthly Trail workdays in addition to our designated volunteers cleaning out fallen trees in between the workdays.

When you join BUMP, the majority of your membership dollars are distributed and applied directly to the local efforts through IMBA. Your voice drives national progress and your commitment helps new trails come to life where you live and ride. We would love for everyone who rides local trails that are maintained by BUMP to show your support and appreciation by joining and becoming a member. All it takes is $39/year or $5 per month.

Progress for trails is still happening, even now – be a part of our success.