Double Oak Park

Double Oak Park is the Birmingham area’s newest trail system, and was funded and developed by Shelby County. Phase 1 is complete with about 10 miles of trail machine-built trail, which is rocky and drains well. Much of Double Oak Park’s trail system is situated on top of a massive ridgeline, which requires an almost 2-mile long climb up from the main parking area, but once you’re over the ridge you’ll be rewarded with incredible views and chunky machine built descents with lots of alternate lines to choose from. Find Double Oak Park on Trailforks →

Cahaba River Park

Cahaba River Park was also developed by Shelby County. With Phase 2 just completed, Cahaba River Park has approximately 20 miles of beautiful flowing cross-country style trails, with tons of fun rock and jump features scattered throughout the system. Cahaba River Park is bordered by the Cahaba River and Shades Creek, so it’s a great place to enjoy the beautiful Alabama wildlife, grab a summer ride, and cool off in the river. It has multiple pavilions for picnics and post-ride hangouts, and multiple well-maintained restroom facilities. Find Cahaba River Park on Trailforks →

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