Turning Interest Into Action

The mission of BUMP is to BUILD, PRESERVE, MAINTAIN and RIDE trails in the Birmingham and surrounding area. Our members, riders like you, help keep trails in great shape and open to mountain bikers. We are actively engaged in finding and acting on new trail building opportunities.

Think back to your last great ride. Surfing a ribbon of winding dirt in pristine woods, successfully navigating that rock garden, climbing that lung burning hill for the first time, squeezing between tight trees or simply enjoying the thrill of “big air.” That is why BUMP exists.

Since 1994, BUMP has gained and maintained access to Oak Mountain State Park, Tannehill State Park, and Trussville Sports Complex, built miles of new trail, and maintained the relationships with land managers and state and local governments necessary to maintain this trail access. BUMP, a non-profit 501 (3) c organization, gets most of its income from sponsors, race proceeds and contributions, but the backbone of our success is individual members like you who support us with their dues and volunteer hours. Our power comes from our numbers and our goal is to build even more trails of increasing variety for you to enjoy.


BUMP members have a passion for riding and the wisdom to know you can not take it all for granted. Thus, BUMP volunteers have spent over 100,000 hours in the design and construction of new trail for over twenty years. Projects include the awesome trails at Oak Mountain State Park, Trussville Sports Park and Tannehill Historic Ironworks State Park. In addition, BUMP is all about building relationships with land managers, Sponsors, other trail user groups and other off road cyclists. Participation in BUMP activities builds new friendships and a healthy respect for the trail. So, grab a tool and volunteer! You will be glad you did!


BUMP is about maintaining what we build. BUMP volunteers spend over 1000 hours each year maintaining what we build. Not only does this mean good trails, but the good will and good relationships that allow us to maintain trail access. All of our trails are on public lands and thus we must maintain good relations with land managers, the public and other user groups so as to guarantee our continued trail access. It means speaking out when trail access is threatened as well as seeking new trail opportunities. It also means supporting cycling as a healthy lifestyle and thus maintaining our health and promoting the good health of others.


BUMP is dedicated to the preservation of natural resources. To this end, we work with local land owners, managers, governments and other user groups to reach consensus on trail locations, routes and designs. Our trail designs and maintenance procedures are based on the sustainable design principles promoted by the International Mountain Biking Association (IMBA), and thus are low maintenance, low erosion and low environmental impact. BUMP trails preserve access to nature for not only cyclists but other trail users as well. In addition, we promote safe and responsible riding that keeps trails pristine and open while showing respect for other users, the land, and wildlife.


BUMP is about celebrating the sport of mountain biking and teaching the sport to others! Our monthly group rides are open to riders of all abilities and give new members a chance to learn from more experienced riders. BUMP members range from the beginner to the expert racer and include people from all walks of life, creeds, races and occupations.We host two cross country mountain bike races each year, one of which, the BUMP ‘N GRIND, is one of the largest mountain bike races in the Southeastern United States, and we work with other promoters to stage other great race events in the area. We have one thing in common though that unites us: a passion for mountain biking that at the end of the day is all about great rides!