June Trail Workday at Tannehill State Park

Thank you to the small but dedicated BUMP crew that helped show Tannehill State Park trails some love. Volunteers got to run the chainsaw for about 5 hours while clearing downed trees and some “widow makers”. They took care installing a drain on washed out section of trail, deberming sections of trail, put in some new signage and repaired some of the old signage.

We appreciate each volunteer who took time to come today and work on improving the trail system:

  • Roger Lucas
  • Jeff Rozycki
  • Christopher Gruil
  • Stacey Harris
  • Nathan Harris
  • Blake LeCroy
  • Ken Blackwood
  • Reagan Pennock

One more downed tree was reported right as group finished the workday. Jeff drove up access road, then rode into Never Never Land to knock it out and of course, leave the signature mark.

If you are interested to be part of the next Trail Workday, contact us and request to be added to the Trail Workday email list. We would love to have you!