July Newsletter

What a busy month June was! We are still crunching numbers from BUMP N Grind. Excluding a few pending transactions, it looks like we made just over $26,000 on the race this year.  Timing hiccups aside, I think it was an incredible party and hope we can take it up another step next year. We are in the final stages of getting a bike put together to raffle off and raise a few more dollars.  We’ve got a lot of big expansion possibilites coming up and these funds will really help us move forward in our goals for global MTB domination.

As always, make sure your membership is up to date and bug your friends about joining. We now have the 6th largest club in Sorba.

See you on the trails,
Chase Draper

UPCOMING EVENTS (details below):

  • July 11 Monthly Shuttle Day
  • July 15  Bump Workday
  • July 22 COGS Workday
  • July 23  Tour de Cahaba

Tour de Cahaba

Tour De Cahaba will benefit BUMP again this year.  If you aren’t riding please sign up to work the event.  We need about 12 volunteers across a variety of positions.  You can register to race here


BUMP Work Day

July 15 8:00 at Oak Mountain State Park.  Bring gloves and Water.  Lunch and a meeting will follow.

Cogs Workday

July 22 8:00 at Lake Howard Trail Head.

Shuttle Days

July 11 5pm to 7pm Shuttle will be free to BUMP members and cost $39 (the same as BUMP Membership) for all others. Please print and bring waiver with you. There is parking at the archery range so dont block the gate or the bike lanes.  Waiver



We got a new supply of BUMP shirts and hats that we will be selling at our events. Also we have a few more BNG jerseys that should arrive in a couple weeks.  We picked up a new sponsor for BNG in Pedal Industries. We worked with them and put together a design for the duffel bag you can can see at the link below. You’ll be able to order them via Pedal Industries. Insert code CENTRALALABAMAMOUNTAINBIKER at check out for a discount and BUMP will get 10% of the purchase. Our store offers a BUMP Changing Poncho, Race Day Bag, and Race Calendar.

Buy A Bag


We’d like to expand on our social events this year.  If you would like to be on an event planning committee let us know.  Also we’d like to plan more regular group rides.  If you would like to lead a regular group ride of any type shoot us a message and we’ll figure out how to make it work.

Become A Member

We are currently the second largest club in the state.  Make sure you renew your membership and hound your friends about joining.
Join Up


Donations Welcome! Please consider donating to the cause. BUMP is a 501c non-profit organization and we count on our supporters to help keep the trails flowing.
Donate Now


Please DO NOT alter or make changes to trails in anyway.
Cutting down trees or doing un-authorized trail modifications is against Alabama State Law and will lead to fines or arrest. If you see anyone cutting down a live tree, do your part to help protect and preserve the park and report them immediately.


Our sponsors are critical to our success and we should support them the way they have supported us.  We’ve recieved donations from Hendrick Subaru, Bike Link, Cahaba Cycles, Bob’s Bikes, Cahaba Brewing, Alabama Outdoors, Andrews Sports Medicine, OrthoAlabama, Therapy South, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Shelby County, Oak Mountain State Park, Nox Composites, Fox Factory, Kuat, Muc Off, Pedal Industries, Factor Components, Deity Components, Hand Up Gloves, Pelham Full Moon BBQ, and Moss Rock Tacos and Tequila.