Mountain biking in Birmingham went from being a novelty to world class. How did it happen? – Bham Now

Thank you, Pat Byington with Bham Now for the article about BUMP!

Read it here: https://bhamnow.com/2021/02/18/mountain-biking-in-birmingham-went-from-being-a-novelty-to-world-class-how-did-it-happen/

These great trails are possible because our volunteers and everyone who supports BUMP. To get involved join BUMP by joining club online: https://www.bump.org/get-involved/join-the-club/

“It’s hard to imagine, but back in the early 1990s, mountain biking was not allowed on the trails at Oak Mountain State Park. According to Jeff Rozycki, the current President of BUMP, passionate mountain pedalers got together and started to advocate for access to the trails for mountain biking.

“Working with local park officials and community leaders, we were able to gain access to the trail system out there,” said Rozycki. “We signed letters of agreement that we would help build and maintain trails out at Oak Mountain in exchange for being able to use them”

Today, BUMP maintains about 30 miles of trails at Oak Mountain and is currently building a new trail. They have also gained access to the Trussville Sports Complex trail, where there is a 5-mile loop, and they’ve built and maintained about 15 miles of trail at Tannehill State Park. “

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