Big Win, One Ride at a Time

Big Win, One Ride at a Time

Mom’s success story. Posted by Courtney Stephens.

A great day for a trail! ☀️ Morning ride with my kiddo! ??‍♀️ Who knew… diagnosed by 2 with Autism. He works hard everyday to process, deal with, and overcome. His life is blessed, but also a hard! I have to brag a moment, he has found his groove with mountain biking!

One of our doctors that diagnosed him gave us advice to not limit him. This is one of those times. He is cautious, but also really is wanting to gain skills and do well. I am a proud, it has absolutely pushed me too. We LOVE doing this together!

He still has trouble with emotion and expectations. We were having a great day then around mile 5 we got a text that his friend couldn’t join us. Guess what? He talked it out. He charged hills, he took it all in. A big win for him today.

Thank you Lord for gains.

Thank you mountain biking ?‍♀️ community for being so welcoming, encouraging and awesome!

P.S. if you see us on the trails say hi. ?